Tuber Of The Month
April 2010

April 2010 Tuber Of The Month<br />Calvin Nourse 

Calvin Nourse

This months Tuber of the Month has many titles: Wood-gatherer, Firestarter and Air-compressor Man. But the one he is most proud of is Webmaster! He was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma where he graduated from Will Rogers H.S. in 1974 (the “Greaser” school in the book The Outsiders ). Growing up he wanted to be a professional airplane pilot and, just like every boy born in 1956, an astronaut, but poor eyesight prevented him from achieving his goal. While working at Molly Murphys House of Fine Repute (the restaurant that served the “Baccus Feast”, what he feels is one of the best meals ever served at The Bear) he met Denise. Together they moved to Northern California in 1986. In 1987 Kim (she of the, Calvin named, Contra Costa Irregulars) suggested he go to Bear River. Once there he was hooked.

Technically a “van-er”, he has jumped off the rock and bared-the-bear. His tube size is the Tube Pro with mesh bottom and the drink he rides with is Smirnoff Ice with a generous amount of extra vodka. The RV with it’s generator, hot & cold running water and fridge is the coolest camp toy. Of the many great moments at Bear, his favorite is when the first pile of firewood was delivered. Getting up the morning following the late luau dinner and seeing the huge pile of empty vodka bottles that were consumed while drinking lemon drops, is one of his funniest Bear moments.

Porn Star Name?........Cindy Kingston

Favorite Rock Band?......The Who, because of Quadraphenia

Beatles or Rolling Stones?........Beatles

Best James Bond?......Pierce Brosnan

If Hollywood made a movie
about you, who would play you?..........Michael J. Fox

Celebrity Crush?.........Patty Duke

TV show he can’t miss?......The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Super Power he wishes he had?......The power to fly

Money Or Glory?........Glory

Favorite Ice Cream? Chocolate, homemade: Denise’s vanilla

Something in his fridge that would surprise people?.....Orange Flower Water

Spiritually, the woods and mountains turn him on and his favorite word is the phrase “I Love You“. Narrow minded people turn him off and the word “Choice” is his least favorite. Along with the listening to the sound of the water in the middle of the night, Denise’s spontaneous laughter is his favorite sound. Not a big fan of karaoke, you might find him doing air guitar to “Ramblin” by the Marshall Tucker Band.

The best advice Calvin can give to new tubers is to stay away from John, learn to paddle backwards, follow experienced tubers and stay close to Steve (he will rescue you). And sometimes, if you’re up, you can find him enjoying one of his favorite moments…when everyone has gone to bed and he is left to tend the fire with only the stars as company.


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