Tuber Of The Month
July 2006

Michael Hogendorn 

Sure, you know about the pool table in the living room and his cool car in the garage.  But, do you really know Michael?

He came to Bear River for the first time with Linda in 1983.  This long time tuber is a trucker, not a rider.  We've seen him jump off the Jumping Rock and his advice for new tubers is “Hang on!”  In spite of the fact that his SPF number is 45 and his tube size is medium, he has never bared The Bear.

Michael’s best moment at Bear was when Joanne first really enjoyed being at Bear River.  His worst moment was August 2003 when he had to cook breakfast for the entire camp in the rain.  Waking up in the middle of the night and hearing the train is his favorite time during Bear.

His favorite ice cream is chocolate and his favorite tube drink is rum and coke. The most memorable Bear meal for Michael was when Denise and Calvin served the Bacchus Feast.

Michael’s coolest camp toy?...A gas powered blender.  JoAnne’s favorite camp toy?...The July 2006 Tuber Of The Month!  Boxers or briefs?...Briefs. Porn star name?....Skippy Laurel.

Michael graduated from Acalanes High school in 1971.  His favorite rock band is Boston and is favorite movie is Star Wars.

You might not believe this but, if you peeked in Michael’s refrigerator you would see KoolAid.


Tubers Ho!