Tuber Of The Month
February 2008

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Nancy Williams

Hey Nancy, can you watch the dogs until we get around the bend? She's a friend, protector and playmate to our two legged and four legged dependants, with a strong pitching arm and encyclopedia like knowledge of animals and important dates like birthdays.  If you are lucky, you’ll be there the next time she decides to let loose and really party. Set back, relax and find out more about the February Tuber Of The Month.

First brought to Bear River by Jene in August 1987, our Valentine Tuber has introduced “A bunch of people including my good friend Jason.” You might never guess that Nancy’s turn on is water because she doesn’t tube much. In fact, by last count, Nancy has tubed twice. With that in mind, she says that her tube size is “whatever someone hands me” and her advice for new tubers is “Don’t!” Needless to say, Nancy has never jumped off the Jumping Rock. However, while lounging on the beach, you’ll find her sporting a SPF of 30 and in spite of her lack of tube runs over the years, she has bared The Bear! This Camp Sweetheart is a long time Trucker, having over the years brought scores of drivers back from Dog Bar and trucks of Tubers to High School.

Porn Star Name?......Krissy Winding

Boxers Or Briefs?......Briefs

Favorite Movie?.....(live action)   On Golden Pond
                       ......(animation)   Jungle Book

Favorite Word?......Imagine

Turn Off?.....Rude People

Favorite Bond?........Sean Connery

Coolest Camp Toy?.......Electric Shower

Middle Name?.....Louise

Favorite Rock Band?.......The Beatles   Duh!

Nancy’s favorite time during a Bear trip is “Saying hello and good-by to the river” and her best moment ever at Bear was an evening at the campfire. This 1978 graduate of Balboa High School’s favorite Bear meal was her Hawaiian Luau. Nancy’s favorite breakfast food is toast and peanut butter. You might be surprised to find canine distemper vaccine in her refrigerator but you won’t find her favorite ice cream, “Bud’s Blueberry Cheesecake” because it is no longer made.

Our featured Tuber’s favorite sound is a dog barking in the distance on a still night and her signature karaoke song is Hey Jude. If Hollywood made a movie of her life she would want to be played by Jody Foster and she would want Meryl Streep to play Jene. February’s Tuber Of The Month is also a February birthday girl and even when she was a little girl (and yes, once she was little) her ambition was to take care of animals. If she wasn’t doing what she did today, Nancy would want to be an architect.

Her worst moment at Bear River was the trip that it started raining the first night. It continued to rain until late Sunday night. Trying to salvage a weekend at Bear some stuck it out until Saturday afternoon. On the plus side instead of going home everyone stopped at Denise and Calvin’s house and there was a huge party Saturday night!


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