Tuber Of The Month
January 2007

Diana Head

Cloistered in Humboldt Bay for years in the 80’s and 90’s she would make a twice yearly pilgrimage to Bear River. Don't forget to pay her before you go home from camping and in return the Treasurer of the Mighty Bear River Tubers will happily be in Auburn on the first business day in January to make the year’s camp reservations. Besides being the recipient of the 2003 DOGBRA, she is known by all for bringing cool new camp toys and always having a to die for tent-n-bed. You've had her lemon drops, now read all about January’s Tuber Of the Month.

Diana has been going to The Bear since 1984. This veteran’s advice for new tubers is, "Even if you think you can do what he does, don’t follow John." Diana has jumped off the Jumping Rock and invented Barring The Bear so you shouldn’t be shocked to find out that her tube drink recipe is vodka and a splash of pineapple/mango juice. Her funniest Bear story involves too many cocktails. Kim was on the far side of the river, drunk and listing, and the water was high. The water was going so fast, considering the condition of Kim, that they crossed holding on to a tube, laughing all the way.

Porn Star Name?......Midnight Charlton

Boxers Or Briefs?......Briefs!

Favorite Word?......That that

Favorite Ice Cream?......Rocky Road

Turn On?......"apparently, smoke and tea"

Favorite Sound?......The Key Of C

Favorite Rock Band?.......The Eagles (just after Ronstadt)

A graduate of Pleasant Hill High School in 1976, she credits Jan for introducing her to Bear River. This Tuber is not a Trucker however, she can be found bringing the drivers back from a truck run. Diana’s SPF number is "whiteout" and her favorite time at Bear is floating down to Dog Bar from the Jumping Rock. Next time you peek in Diana’s refrigerator you’ll most likely find champagne and yogurt and her favorite Bear meal was before planned meals when she and Tami cooked "the perfect steak."

Diana thinks the coolest camp toy ever is the battery operated shower. Her worst moment was when she was tubing past the parking lot. The water was shallow and her tube hit a rock and flipped. She had to stand up and get back on her tube in front of a bunch of riffraff. Although it is unknown if alcohol was involved in this embarrassing moment, Diana’s final words on the subject were, "I’m a professional, damn it!"


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