Tuber Of The Month
September 2006

Kimberly Mooney 

Those Francis girls! The youngest is a well known hard partier, although, like fine wine, she has mellowed a bit with age. Once the go-to-person for fashion and shopping in Contra Costa County, we now only see her when she makes the long trek from San Diego. However, being a long time Tuber, make the trip she does. You’ve heard stories, now find out the truth about September’s Tuber Of The Month.

Kim came to Bear River for the first time in 1980 with Jene. She’s always been a rider, not a trucker. It’s a good thing that her SPF number is 30 because she has bared the Bear. Her tube size is “large” and her advice for new tubers is “watch the old timers and go where they go.”

Her favorite time at The Bear is sitting around the camp fire and the coolest camp toy that she’s ever seen is the electric shower. In spite of the fact that her favorite tube drink recipe is vodka and anything fruity, Kim has never jumped off the Jumping Rock.

Boxers or briefs?....(although her husband wears briefs)...boxers. Porn star name?....Samantha Doray. Favorite ice cream?....vanilla. Favorite rock band?....“currently” Train. Favorite movie?...Oh Brother Where Art Thou.

Kim’s funniest Bear story is about the year that there was a fire on the other side of the river one ridge over. “Sue Hilbun started freaking out. She was running around, throwing stuff in trucks. It didn’t matter who’s stuff it was and who’s truck she put it in. She was running around like crazy, it was hilarious.”

Her worst moment at Bear was the morning after drinking too many White Russians. She spent the morning with a massive hangover, laying on a banana chair in the sun, covered with blankets and feeling like she was freezing.
That’s our Kim!


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