Tuber Of The Month
November 2006

Benjamin Dresner

Leader of the Robinettes, owner of a cute laugh and fantastic organizational skills. He’s the guy you can count on to help hold our place in line on New Year’s Day or to get the final count of Robinettes for the August meal schedule. You know his five o’clock shadow, now find out the answers to the questions you’ve always wanted to ask November’s Tuber Of The Month.

Benny is a rider, he’s always been a rider. In fact, he thinks the worst job in the world is being a driver, although he does make truck runs to Dog Bar. His favorite tube size is large and he sports an SPF of 30. After putting on numbers he will build a simple tube drink of vodka and cranberry juice, and suggests to other that they can “gussy the drink up” if they wish. Benjamin has yet to Bare The Bear, however, he has jumped off the Jumping Rock.

Eight or nine years ago Robin invited Benny to Bear River. Since then, a large cast of crazy characters, who we now lovingly know as The Robinettes, have been introduced to the joys of Tubing courtesy of Benjamin. His advice to new Tubers is “Listen to the experienced Tubers, follow Anna and Lorrie, keep your butt up and have fun!”

Porn Star name?     Dustin Lake

Favorite rock band?     Fleetwood Mac

Favorite movie?     Star Wars

Most favorite word?     Lesbian

Least favorite word?     Bush

Turn on?     Openness

Turn off?     Narrow mindedness

Favorite curse word?     Damn!

Sound that he loves?     The ocean

Benjamin has wondered if he would be any good at being an event planner, considering Robin’s wedding, perhaps that question has already been answered. His favorite ice cream is spumoni and you might be surprised to find liverwurst in his refrigerator.

This member of the Mariposa High School Class of 1991 thinks the coolest camp toy is a camp chair with a foot rest and cup holder. He likes “anything that Robin cooks” but, his favorite Bear meal is the Mike/JoAnne/Dave/Jan Blackberry Pancake Breakfast. Benny’s favorite time during Bear is at night when the moonlight is shining on the river. His worst moment was a “terrifying” run through Widow Maker Rapids. His best moment was “being ass kissed by Lorinda and Scott at the same time.” Benny’s funniest Bear story is not PG-13 rated so, the next time you see him ask him about it!


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