Tuber Of The Month
October 2006

Janice Bombardier 

She is the Mistress of Halloween Night and the Grand Dame of Bear River. Now it is time to reveal the truth about the camper who will soon celebrate her silver anniversary of Bear River Tubing.

For 24 years now a group of most interesting people have been going to the Bear River in Northern California to camp, party and tube. This member of the College Park Class of 1976 has been there from the beginning....she is the original. She has been a trucker and a rider. Although her SPF number is a sane “30”and “extra large and firm” is her idea of the perfect tube she has never Bared The Bear.

We know that she has many great memories of The Bear....we know because we were there. However, her best moment at Bear River was in the early years. A big thunderstorm was passing up the river valley into higher elevations. Jan, Dave and Steve had the perfect view. They had their heads stuck out of a tent for about an hour and a half watching Mother Nature’s show.

Jan’s advice for new tubers?...“Stay on the top of the tube at all times.” Her favorite tube drink starts with a large container (Jan says, “That’s important”) adding ice and vodka (“amount dependent on the run”) and top with a splash of passion fruit/orange juice. With a drink like that it shouldn’t be a surprise that Janice has jumped off the Jumping Rock.

Favorite Movie?        The Wizard Of Oz

Favorite Rock Band?        Sting

Weirdest Thing In Your Refrigerator?        35mm Film

Favorite Ice Cream?        Black Cherry

Porn Star Name?        Heidi San Pablo

Coolest Camp Toy?        The Airstream

Her favorite time at Bear is “All of it. All of the moments and all of the places.” Jan’s favorite Bear meal that she made was her Greek Night. Her favorite meal by someone else was Marti Gras Night.

Jan’s funniest Bear story also goes back to an earlier time. Everyone in the camp had been partying hard and was under the influence. In Jan’s own words, “There was much cavorting.” Some one had tossed Camp Brat’s bikini top and it was caught in a tree, swinging from a branch. Soon Camp Brat was seen dragging a banana chair across camp giggling all the way. Camp Brat stopped in the middle of the camp and tried to lay down on the banana chair, only to have it collapse. Not bothered by this turn of events, she fell asleep. Jan, concerned that she might be out in the sun too long, got some sunscreen and wrote Camp Brat’s name in sunblock across her back!

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