Tuber Of The Month
December 2006

John Hicks

Now a member of the leisure class, where every day is a holiday, he is a study in opposites. Camp Asshole or Lovable John? The guy that is farting in your face as he walks by you at the camp fire or the guy that is helping you set up your tent? He has most likely hiked more miles than you’ve walked in the last few years and is now known to hang out most anywhere, enjoying his retirement. You’ve heard the stories around the campfire, now find out the answers to the questions never before asked of December’s Tuber Of The Month.

Graduating in 1968 from Montgomery High School in Santa Rosa made it easy to be one of the original tubers. He credits Scott Hopkins for landing John and those few intrepid first tubers on the banks of Bear River. John considers anyone past him, Jan and Robin to be a newbe and his advice for new tubers is “paddle backwards.” He’s been a trucker, a rider, and many a long time tuber has tempted fate in the open back of John’s truck as he blasts up Dog Bar Road after a tube run. While sporting an SPF of 30 this Tuber Of The Month has Bared The Bare and jumped off the Jumping Rock after consuming his favorite tube drink of cheap vodka and fruit juice.

Porn Star Name?......Inky Hudson

Boxers Or Briefs?......Both!

Favorite Movie?.....The Sting

Favorite Word?......Perfect

Least Favorite Word?......Dogma

Turn On?......Nature

Turn Off?.....Massive crowds

Favorite Sound?......The bassoon

Favorite Rock Band?.......The Grateful Dead

This Tuber’s favorite ice cream is chocolate/raspberry and you might be surprised to find fresh broccoli in his refrigerator. John’s favorite time during a Bear trip is the first afternoon after the tents have been set up. His worst moment was “the last time I barfed.” John’s funniest Bear story goes back a few years. The rangers use to have convicts come every Monday to clean up the camp. One year the Bear girls, who shall remain nameless, decided to tease the prisoners by having a topless egg toss contest!


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