Tuber Of The Month
September 2007

Robin Johnson

Robin’s cooking! Two words that mean you’re in food heaven. Since 1981 she’s been camping and tubing The Bear. Founder of the Robinettes and camper extraordinaire, read on to see the questions answered by September 2007’s Tuber Of The Month.

In the beginning Scott Hopkins and “some weird guy” brought Robin and a few others to Bear River. They tubed it and found it good. This original tuber says that she has introduced “Everybody!” She’s a long time trucker who’s favorite tube drink consists of papaya/mango juice, vodka and a squeeze of lime. Wearing a SPF number of “as much as I can get” Robin has Bared The Bear and jumped off of the Jumping Rock. This veteran’s tube size is 750W with a hematoma...her advice to new tubers? “Butts up!”

Porn Star Name?......Fifi Alice

Boxers Or Briefs?......Boxers

Favorite Movie?.....A Walk In The Clouds

Favorite Word?......Thank You

Turn On?......Food

Turn Off?.....Bigotry

Coolest Camp Toy?.......My Tube

Middle Name?.....Lynn

Favorite Rock Band?.......The Who

Robin’s favorite time at Bear is the time she spends on the beach between the first and second runs of the day. This College Park High School Class of 1980 alumni’s worst moment was “When I hit rock bottom” Although it happened years before the DOGBRA she insists that she would have easily won that year. Her signature karaoke song is Besame Mucho and her favorite ice cream is chocolate. When Robin was a little girl she wanted to be a doctor. Today she says that she actually has many role models but, if she had to pick one it would be Rachel Ray.

September’s Tuber Of The Month’s best moment is getting ready. “I call three or four people just to scream!” Her favorite August meal is the Baccus Feast that Denise and Calvin cooked. You might be surprised to find a half used can of evaporated milk in her refrigerator but, you probably won’t be surprised to learn that the one birthday gift that she’s always wanted but never received is a pair of large karat weight diamond earrings. If she won a $1000 our spotlight tuber would spend it on her family and her favorite sound is lovers talking quietly. Robin’s funniest Bear story is the time she stayed up all night with Mark. They were laughing all night, keeping the camp up. “I can’t even remember what we were laughing about!” The one thing that she would never want to do for a living is castrate pigs and believe it or not she’s always wanted to try out being a professional chef!


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