Tuber Of The Month
March 2007

Stephen Griffin

In June of 1988 Camp Brat brought her new boy friend to Bear River. In his words, “After seeing how Lorrie and her friends loved life I knew I had found my new tribe.” and the Mighty Bear River Tubers had found their Camp Hunk. Over the years you’ve watched him raise his two lovely daughters, fall asleep at the campfire, introduce Jeff and Cassy to Bear River, change a power steering pump on an RV in the dirt and do “just one more shot.” Now, read on as the questions you’ve always wanted to ask will be answered by our March 2007 Tuber Of The Month.

If Steve were at a karaoke bar you would find him singing You Are So Beautiful, the Joe Cocker version, complete with flailing arms and twisted body. However, at Bear River you’ll find him in his “size large” tube sporting SPF 30 and perhaps nothing else. Not only has this brave Tuber Bared The Bear and jumped off the Jumping Rock, he is one of the few that has done a slapper jump, sans vêtements. A Tuber of this acclaim needs reinforcement and Steve depends on margaritas with “fresh lime and heavy on the tequila” to see him through a tube run. Always a Trucker, while Lorrie drives the RV to the campground this sweetheart of a guy drives a truck from home just to haul tubers back from Dog Bar. Steve’s advice for new tubers is, “Use a tube that is the right size for you and learn how to paddle. Don’t be next to John when entering a rapid, he’ll push you into the rocks and you’ll crash and burn!”

Porn Star Name?......Fritz Dover

Boxers Or Briefs?......Briefs

Favorite Movie?.....Little Big Man

Favorite Word?......Cool

Favorite Phrase?.....“Do You Wanna?”

Turn On?......Nude Sunbathing

Coolest Camp Toy?.....“My RV!” (And Calvin’s Air Compressor)

Turn Off?.....Meanness

Favorite Sound?......Hearing Laughter In The Camp

Favorite Rock Band?.......Eagles “before and after Joe Walsh”

This 1976 graduate of Northgate High School in Walnut Creek wanted to be a paramedic when he was a kid, would like to try being a photographer and would never consider a career as a mortician. You might be surprised to find rice wine vinegar in his refrigerator and his favorite ice cream is a toss up between mint chocolate and mocha almond fudge. If Steve could invite anyone from history over for dinner he would send the invitation to Jesus and ask him the tough question, “Are you really the Son of God?” March’s Tuber of the Month really likes the theme night meals at August Bear and his all time favorites was Mardi Gras night and Denise and Calvin’s Bacchus Feast night.

Steve’s favorite time at The Bear is when everyone’s camp is set up and the partying starts up until when it’s time to start packing up to go home. His worst moment was when Kalika was run over with a car, an event that she not only survived but, garnered the pooch the 2000 DOGBRA award. His favorite moment, actually not a moment but years long, is watching The Next Generation, all of the kids growing up at Bear River and having fun together. Steve’s funniest Bear story involves a High School tube run. Several vehicles took a huge group of tubes and tubers up river. When they arrived at the drop off point and unloaded they discovered although they had Jan’s tube, there was no Janice. There was a collective “Oh, Sh*t!” and moments later Tom drove up with Jan!   


Tubers Of The Month 2007


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