Tuber Of The Month
May 2007

Anna Hill

Beautiful long hair, long legs, everything about Anna seems to be on a grand scale. With a heart of gold and a voice that can be heard throughout the camp site, for over two decades she had been making history and her presence known at Bear River. Making it easy on her friends, she’s always escorted by someone named Jim. “Where’s Anna?” may be one of the most asked questions at Bear River. Now, read the answers to the questions you’ve always wanted to ask the May 2007 Tuber Of The Month.

Anna’s favorite time during a Bear trip is the first couple of days after the “hard core” campers get set up and settled in. Definitely part of the hard core crew, she’s been going to The Bear since introduced by Jan and Robin in 1983. This long time Driver has introduced “any number of people” to camping and tubing; interestingly, most of them are called Jim. Her tube size is “large” and her advice to new tubers is: "make sure you have the right shoes, right sized tube and listen to instructions!"

Porn Star Name?......Jocko Linda

Boxers Or Briefs?......Briefs

Favorite Movie?.....Somewhere In Time

Favorite Word?......Hee, hee

Turn On?......Color and Light

Turn Off?....Country Music

Coolest Camp Toy?.....Electric Shower

Middle Name?......Lee

Favorite Rock Band?.......Led Zeppelin

Anna’s role model is “you guys”, the Tubers of Bear River and her SPF is 30 so, it’s no surprise that she has Bared The Bear and jumped off of the jumping rock. Although her favorite ice cream is chocolate, you might be surprised to find horseradish in her refrigerator. This Tuber’s tubing drink is vodka and mango juice and her all time favorite Bear meal was Denise and Calvin’s Bacchus Feast. Anna's signature karaoke song is Love Shack and if she could invite anyone from history or today to dinner she would dine with Tom Jones and ask him to sing for her.   

A College Park graduate from the Class of 1979, if she won $1,000 in a contest she would spend it buying clothes. She has always wanted to attempt being a professional creative designer and she would never want to be an EMT because of being responsible for human lives. Her best ever moment at Bear River was when she was on a High School run, just peacefully floating with a guy (and I’m not making this up) named Jim. This veteran tuber’s worst moment is a toss up between the time she popped her tube during a tube run and when she was pregnant with Bonnie and couldn’t tube. Anna’s funniest Bear Story was when her terry-cloth shorts got stuck on a stick at the bottom of the river. Her shorts kept stretching and because of the swift water she couldn’t get at them to unhook the stick. She was rescued by none other than a guy named Jim.

The May 2007 Tuber Of The Month’s childhood ambition was to be likeable and we can all agree that she is a success!


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