Tuber Of The Month
November 2007

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Lorrie Griffin

“Truckers, lets get the trucks down to Dogbar!” The call goes out early in the morning and once again Camp Brat cons or cajoles enough people to get trucks down river and drivers back to camp before breakfast. We've watched her and Steve raise two lively members of the Next Generation of campers.  Jiffy Pop fears her and Costco lasagna is her specialty.  Now read on as the Lunch Lady bares all in her November 2007 Tuber Of The Month interview.

In 1984 Robin and John brought Lorrie to Bear River and she’s been going ever since. In fact, she has never, ever missed a Bear River camping trip. During this record setting run she’s taken “every man she’s ever slept with” camping at the Bear.  This month’s featured tuber rides a “medium sized” tube and sports a SPF of 30. Her favorite tube drink is a margarita and under it’s influence she has Bared the Bear. Lorrie’s best moment at Bear was “the first time I jumped off of the Jumping Rock.”  Her favorite time during a camping trip is shooting rapids and Lorrie's advice to new tubers is “Follow the veteran tubers through the deepest ‘V’ in the river.”

Porn Star Name?......Toro Upland

Boxers Or Briefs?......Briefs

Favorite Movie?.....Legends Of The Fall

Favorite Word?......God

Turn On?......Steve’s Butt!

Coolest Camp Toy?.......My RV

Middle Name?.....Marie

Favorite Rock Band?.......Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band

Lorrie’s signature karaoke song is “These Boots Are Made For Walking” and her favorite sound is hearing a hawk’s cry in the woods.  You might be surprised to find chocolate soy milk in the refrigerator of someone from the College Park Class of 1980 but, it should be no surprise that their favorite Bear meal was Denise and Calvin’s Bacchus Feast. If she could, Lorrie would invite Galileo Galilei to dinner and ask him “How DID you do it?”  Her favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip.  Our spotlight tuber’s childhood ambition was to be a vet. She would never want to be a bus driver but, if she ever had the chance she would love to try being a horse trainer. 

Lorrie’s funniest Bear River story has been recorded for all to see on the Bygone Bear Picture pages.  Click on the red link to see: 

We were all setting around the fire in August...drinking...and suddenly we decided that TPing John's tent was a great idea.  We were discussing the finer points of the job, coming to the conclusion that gooie stuff inside the tent or bed would be too cruel, even to John, when Lorrie cries out, "Who's got tampons?" and proceeds to tie tampons soaked in sloe gin to the tent rods on John's tent while the rest of us smeared vaseline on his tent zipper and TPed the inside and outside of his tent!


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