Tuber Of The Month
March 2009

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JoAnne Hogendorn

Question: Where’s Joanne? Answer: Floating around with Eddy! Part of the couple that always camps in the suburbs at the north end of the campground and a member of a most awesome August breakfast crew. Read on to find out what you didn’t know about March’s Tuber Of The Month.

There was this girl and fourteen years ago a guy took her camping which, coincidentally, introduced this month’s featured Tuber to Bear River. That guy, Michael, would go on to be the first ever Tuber Of The Month in July 2006. The girl, Joanne, we've now seen jump off the Jumping Rock, Bare The Bear, and take on Widow-Maker in her “size large” tube. Joanne introduced Jan and Dave to The Bear and her advice for new Tubers is: "Always follow Steve, never follow John!" Good advice from someone who is also the 2001 DOGBRA winner. Partially due to the fact that her favorite tube drink recipe is a Cosmo, the March 2009 TOTM will always be a rider, never a trucker. To Joanne, the best moments at Bear River when you are floating between the Jumping Rock and Dog Bar Bridge.

Porn Star Name?......Keshishian Larga

Boxers Or Briefs?......Briefs!

Favorite Movie?....."Noises Off"

Favorite Word?......Friday

Least Favorite Word?.....No

Favorite Bond?.....Daniel Craig

Shaken Or Stirred?......Shaken

Coolest Camp Toy?......Thermos Coffee Maker

Middle Name?.....Lynette

Beatles Or Rolling Stones?.....Beatles

Favorite Rock Band?......Evanescence

If Joanne could she would have Steven King over for dinner some night and, over dessert ask him “Where do you get your ideas from?” Her favorite breakfast food is bacon, favorite ice cream is Cherry Vanilla and her favorite Bear meal was Denise and Calvin’s Bacchus Feast. Joanne’s favorite sound you can only hear at Bear River, the sound of distant trains passing by at 3:00 in the morning. Her best moment and worst moment at The Bear are one story, of when Joanne lost her wedding ring in the river and Mariah dove under water and found it.

Joanne has always wanted to be a Vet. In fact, her childhood ambition was to be a one and if she had to do something other than her current job she would want to be a Veterinarian. Unexpected surprises turn this tuber on and Joanne says that you know you’re in love “when his faults don’t matter.” If there was a movie made of her life, Joanne would want Anna Paquin and Kevin Costner to play the principal roles. But, scoot over Costner because her secret celebrity crush is Hugh Jackman!


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