Tuber Of The Month
May 2008

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Barbara Fors

I’ve got Jell-O Shots!  Anyone for Jell-O Shots?  She stands out even amongst the thousand watt personalities of the Bear River Tubers and is a grandmother with style. You’ve had her Breakfast-In-A-Baggie now read on to find out more about May’s Tuber Of The Month.

If Barbara won a thousand dollars in a contest she’d spend it on trips to Bear River.  However, she’s managed to scrape up enough money to go to The Bear for the last 14 years.  Jan introduced her to Bear River and she has brought along her daughter, grandchildren, sister, brother-in-law and the one and only Uta.  Sporting an SPF of 15 (but two or three layers!) Barbi has Bared The Bear but never jumped off the Jumping Rock.  Her tube size is "large" and her advise for new tubers is to "lay flat".  She can always be counted on to pick up Truckers but has only driven back from Dog Bar once and after the trip the Tubers all agreed never again!

Porn Star Name?......Puff Taber

Boxers Or Briefs?......Briefs

Favorite Movie?.....The English Patient

Favorite Word?......Ta-da!

Favorite Bond?....."I'm truely torn.  Is that an answer?"

Shaken Or Stirred?......Shaken

Coolest Camp Toy?......Solar Shower

Middle Name?.....Ann

Favorite Rock Band?.......The Band

Unique is a fitting word for this month’s spotlight Tuber.  An Idaho Fall High School 1964 graduate, her role model is "no one in particular" and if Hollywood made a movie of her life she’d want Phyllis Diller or Shirley McClain to play her part.  If Barbara could invite anyone for dinner she would invite Eric Clapton and afterwards she would ask him to play his guitar.  This long time camper’s least favorite sound is a mosquito buzzing inside a tent.  Her least favorite word is "no"  her favorite sound is laughter and her signature karaoke song is "We Are Family".  Barbi’s favorite tube drink is a Mojito and her favorite breakfast food is coffee and Kahlua.  It might not be a surprise that her favorite time during a Bear River trip is "getting nakie" but, you might be surprised (or not) to find a bottle of Champaign in her refrigerator.  Her favorite Bear meal was the Hawaiian Luau.

Barbara’s childhood ambition was to be a librarian so she could "shush" people and she would never want to be a plumber.  But she has always wanted to be an artist. Barbi’s best ever moment was seeing Paul jump off the Jumping Rock.  Her worst moment is also her funniest Bear story... One year May’s Tuber Of The Month was shooting the rapids just above the Rocky Beach when she was dumped from her tube and "went ass over teakettle and had to deal with the River Gods. Lorrie had to swim up the river to save me!"


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