Tuber Of The Month
December 2009

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Jay Johnson

The Captain is in the house! He always has a nip of something special and you can count on him to have red vines around. He stands above most of us and on a clear night you can hear him for miles. We’ve seen his best and worst, now read on to find out everything else about December’s Tuber Of The Month.

When you see Jay floating down the river he's wearing SPF 50, riding a "size 1000" tube and warning the new tubers to "follow someone who has experience." This month's featured Tuber's favorite tubing drink is vodka and mango juice. Jay has always been a trucker, has never jumped off of the Jumping Rock but has Bared The Bear. Jay's first trip to Bear River, around five years ago, was when Robin (September 2007 Tuber Of The Month) brought him to try out tubing....and her wild friends. He was an instant hit and has been keeping us entertained ever since. Jay's best ever moment at Bear River was the first time that he went tubing. He says that his worst moment at The Bear involved hitting a rock, but Jay has continued to hit them as he is also the co-winner of the 2009 DOGBRA Award.

Porn Star Name?........Toni Lucky

Boxers Or Briefs?......Boxers

Favorite Movie?........Arthur

Favorite Ice Cream?......Butter Pecan

Ipod Or Vinyl?..........CD

Favorite Bond?.........Sean Connery

Shaken Or Stirred?......Shaken

Coolest Camp Toy?......Coleman Coffee Maker

Money Or Glory?........Money!

Middle Name?............Clarence

Beatles Or Rolling Stones?.....Beatles

Yosemite Or Disneyland?......Yosemite!

No wonder Jay enjoys going to The Bear, his favorite sound is running water in a creek or river. This month's featured tuber says that "I'm the role model." and if he could send a could send a message back in time to his younger self he'd send 18 year old Jay a note that says "Go with what you feel at the time." The one thing that Jay does around the house that bugs Robin is watch tv and "House" is the one show that he can't miss. His signature karaoke song is "My Girl" and singing is a skill that Jay wishes he had. If he won a thousand dollars Jay says he would spend it on his wife and if Hollywood made a movie about Jay, he would want Lauren Bacall to play Robin and Clint Eastwood to play the staring role.

Jay's favorite Bear River meal is "All of them!" and his favorite time during a Bear trip is when everyone is around the campfire. His funniest Bear story also involves the campfire. The first time he was around when bottomless lemon drops were being served he thought; "That's great! All you can drink lemon drops" then he thought, "Why are they making such a big deal about all you can drink lemon drops?" Then someone pointed out to him why they were called bottomless!


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